"The Vie Belles Cutlery is inexpensively priced to make it appropriate for chefs of all kinds to pick up without sacrificing when it comes to quality."

"If you’re in the market for premium, affordable kitchen knives, look no further than Vie Belles." 

"Investing in a high-quality chef’s knife is of utmost importance not only for culinary professionals but also for at-home cooks. If you don’t own such a fine cutting tool yet, Canada’s Vie Belles Kitchen Knives might be exactly what you’re missing."

We believe that quality tools are essential for great cooking.

We manufacture our products to the highest standard of quality. We take pride in the quality of our items. We have managed to bring added creativity, innovation, and excitement to the industry through our offerings.

Our products are designed to be functional, sustainable and timeless - for you and many generations of cooks to eat. At Vie Belles, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

VieBelles Cutlery


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"These are truly professional quality, with a balance, sharpness, and function that’s first class all the way. I only use the best in my kitchen and, today, the Reserved Series is what you’ll find there." 

Vie Belles makes some of the very best performing and most beautifully crafted knives I've ever used. As a professional chef I would highly recommend the Reserve Series knives. 

"Vie Belles knives are so sharp, with excellent balance and good weight. I love working with them. I fully endorse Vie Belles knives." 

The Vie Belles Reserve Series are awesome knives, both in beauty and performance. These would be a great asset to any chef. 

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