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Luxury Vie Belles
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You want a unique knife?

You want a unique knife?

Try Luxury Chef's Knife

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Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles

Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles

Perfect for chopping and dicing

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Professional Sharpening Set

Professional Sharpening Set

Created as the perfect complement to all your Vie Belles knives!

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Cut Resistant Glove

Cut Resistant Glove

Prevent cuts, nicks and slices with superior protection from mandolin slicers, peelers, graters, and kitchen, carpentry and other types of knives and blades.

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  • Double Bevel Sharp Edge

    The edge is tapered to 15°blade angle, then hardened to between 61 to 62 Rockwell hardness for the fantastic cutting edge. Double Bevel makes knife suitable for both right and left-handed users.
    Double Bevel Sharp Edge

  • Blade Decorative Pattern

    67 layers of Japanese VG10 Steel form a beautiful finish on the faces of the blade. It is not only vintage but also fashion, and help to separate food very fast. 
    Blade Decorative Pattern

  • Balance

    A balanced blade and good weight give the knife a comfortable, confident feel on your hand.

  • Grooved Bolster

    When using more professional style pinch grip, a thumb  groove in the bolster makes for a more confident grip on the blade.
    Grooved Bolster

  • Cocobolo Wood

    A durable real hardwood keeps the handle grippy even if it's wet.
    Cocobolo Wood

  • Finger Guard

    The Bolster extends down the heel, but not quite all the way. This protects your fingers against the back of the blade while still allowing you to use the entire cutting edge.
    Finger Guard


What is the right knife for every purpose?

Chef's Knife

The all-purpose knife is ideal for dicing meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as chopping and cutting herbs in a rocking movement.

What is the difference between a stamped and a forged knife?

The steel used is generally identical, however, the manufacturing process is different. Forged knives are produced from a single piece of steel that is heated and shaped at high pressure.

One way to identify them is by their bolster, which provides enhanced strength, control and security while cutting. Stamped knives are made from a strip of steel that is stamped or cut into shape. As a result, these are a lighter, more cost-effective alternative for those seeking more basic kitchen knives.

My Knife is stainless steel, so why is the rust on my knife blade? Is the rust covered under warranty?

Stainless steel knives can still develop rust. Rust is caused by moisture left on the blade. Rust is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered under warranty. To remove rust from steel, we recommend a product named Flitz. Flitz is a blue gel which helps remove rust, stains, and corrosion from steel. If you decide to use the product, use it only on the areas directly affected by rust. We recommend not letting the Flitz sit on the blade steel for any length of time. After applying the Flitz and removing the rust, please wash your knife thoroughly with warm, soapy water, completely dry it with an absorbent material cloth or towel, and finish with a light coating of cooking-grade oil on the blade and handle cap of the knife.




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