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Pro Honing Steel

$55.00 $90.00 saving $35.00
Pro Honing Steel

Pro Honing Steel

$55.00 $90.00 saving $35.00

  • Partially sharpens knives while realigning edges 
  • Super fine high carbon steel rod with diamond coating 
  • Durable wood handle provides a good grip and balance 
  • Finger guard keeps knuckles and digits safe 
  • Resharpen blunt knives with ease! 
  • Designed to refresh to dull blade edge. 
  • Extra fine for added polish. 
  • Compatible with most knife brands. 
  • Wipe with damp or dry cloth, if necessary 

The sharpening rod is constructed of superfine high carbon steel with the diamond coating. The rod partially sharpens knives while realigning the edges for perfectly balanced cutting. The sharpening steel also features a durable handle for a safe, stable grip and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. 

The Vie Belles Pro Honing Steel is made of one piece of olive wood in the handle, with mosaic pin.