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Professional Sharpening System By Vie Belles

4-Piece Whetstone Professional Sharpening System By Vie Belles

Created as the perfect complement to all your Vie Belles knives, our sharpening system takes all the guesswork out of getting that perfect 16-degree angle while sharpening your Vie Belles knives. Featuring a beautiful rosewood stand set at a 16-degree angle, the stand holds our two-sided whetstone, the honing steel, and knife sharpening guideline. All are attractive enough to display on your countertop. The dual grit whetstone features 1000 grit sanding block on one side for sharpening and 8000 grit on the other side for perfecting and polishing your blade edge. Honing between sharpening will help maintain the blade's edge, and the included honing steel will do the job perfectly; you can utilize the honing steel in the stand, allowing you the use of both hands to hold your knife. The perfect tools for the perfect results-Vie Belles innovative sharpening system will have even the most novices of users sharpening their knives like a pro!

Professional Sharpening System By Vie Belles

Package Contents: 

1 x Double-sided Whetstone include silicone holder

1 x Honing

1 x Sharpening Guideline

1 x Rosewood Stand 

Sharpening Stone

    To give your knives a professional razor sharp finish you will also need the Vie Belles ® super/superfine combination whetstone. The dual-sided 1000 over 8000-grit combination whetstone allows for sharpening knives and then honing the edges to a smooth finish. With a fine to ultra-fine grit, this stone works best when wet down for both lubrication and cleaning. The #8000-grit is the finishing stone that brings your final cutting edge up and completely removes scratches from the surface, also it used to sharpen Japanese Samurai swords.

    Vie Belles Sharpening Stone

    This premium whetstone makes a great gift for any kitchen enthusiast, knife collector or butcher. The stone easily stores away in a cabinet or kitchen drawer when not in use. High-grade corundum ensures effective sharpening results. The silicone base can hold the stone very tightly during sharpening to make the work be safe. 

    • Double - sided sharpening design (1000 grit coarse grinding and 8000 grit fine grinding)
    • Stone Size: approx. 180mm x 60mm x 32 mm
    • Non-slip base silicone holder


      The sharpening rod is constructed of superfine high carbon steel with diamond coating. The rod partially sharpens knives while realigning the edges for perfectly balanced cutting. The sharpening steel also features a durable handle for a safe, stable grip and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. Wipe with a damp or dry cloth as necessary and use the hanging loop for easy storage.

      • Partially sharpens knives while realigning edges
      • Super fine high carbon steel rod with diamond coating
      • Blade length: 20 cm
      • Total length: 31.18 cm 
      • Diameter: 9.5 mm
      • Durable cocobolo handle provides a good grip and balance
      • Finger guard keeps knuckles and digits safe
      • Resharpen blunt knives with ease!
      • Designed to refresh a dull blade edge. Extra fine for added polish.
      • Compatible with most knife brands.
      • Wipe with damp or dry cloth, if necessary

       Honing By Vie Belles

      Sharpening Guideline

        This angle guide clips on to the spine of any knife. The guide rests against the surface of the whetstone while sharpening, ensuring that a constant optimum angle is maintained during the process. The portion of the guide that rests against the stone is a narrow-diameter ceramic rod, ensuring that no damage or premature wear is done to the stone.

        • Optimal angle to ensure a very fine, sharp edge
        • Makes sharpening with a whetstone easy
        • Clips onto spine of knife
        • Plastic base with ceramic rod
        • Dimensions: 60 x 16 x 19 mm

        Vie Belles Guideline

        Rosewood Stand

          Vie Belles Rosewood sharpening stand brings a unique and charming design element to any kitchen. The size of the stand is the perfect balance between functional and space saving.

          • 16˚ angled stand to guide your blades to the perfect finish
          • Wipe clean with damp cloth
          • Beautiful Rosewood
          • Dimensions: 234.5 x 65 x 103.6 mm

          Vie Belles Sharpening Stand

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          Limited Lifetime Warranty

          Part of our effort to build a long-standing tradition of innovation and quality revolves around a simple mission: to make the best possible products. The immense amount of research, testing, and precision fabrication that each product receives enables us to maintain extremely close tolerances.

          Each product comes to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever have any problems with a Vie Belles® product, we will replace it with no questions asked in 30days after your purchase. Our products are designed to be functional, sustainable and timeless - for you and for generations of cooks to come.

          In order to uphold our quality standards, each Vie Belles® professional sharpening set is backed by a limited lifetime warranty designed specifically to protect against any defects in workmanship or material. Lifetime protecting service is not included with this warranty. We will not warranty products due to loss, damage caused by abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, improper washing or dis-assembly.