Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles

Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles


This cutting board is double-sided with magnetic knife-holding strips at the center - perfect for chopping and dicing before storing the knives away.  The construction is end-grain butcher block cutting board in Oregon black walnut, maple, and oak wood with an oiled, food safe finish. A combination of professional chefs and master craftsmen have provided their expertise in the construction, design, and reliability of each cutting board. Aesthetically, the double-sided Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles is smooth with a natural wooden appearance and professional, polished look that goes with both antiquated and contemporary kitchen décor. 

While a passion for cooking and a love for food can spawn from a plethora of memories and experiences, the ability to cook well comes with creativity, imagination, patience, and practice. From professional chefs to the most basic of cooking novices, genuine foodies know that the key to amazing meals comes with fresh ingredients and high-quality kitchen utensils, such as the Everyday Cutting Board & Knife by Vie Belles. 


Everyday Cutting Board

Stand the cutting board upright for an instant space saver and beautiful knife storage system. The more space that a chef has for meal preparation, the better the meal is likely to be.

Vie Belles Everyday Cutting Board

Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles


Designed to prevent food from being stuck in the block, we have added a slot on the opposite end to help with air circulation and ease of cleaning. So go ahead and store your knives away... and if food gets lodged inside - give it a good knock, the particles will fall out!

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