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Become the commander of slicing, dicing and mincing

  • Forged with 67 layers of pure Japanese VG 10 Damascus steel.
  • Contoured handle for a smooth fit and a magnificent appearance.
  • Graceful handling, allowing professional chefs to cut with masterful precision.
  • A versatile razor sharp edge, saving you years of time in the kitchen.
  • Size: 8"

  • The Quintessential Knife To Handle Food With Masterful Precision

  • This genius blade is acutely balanced and weighted for optimal precision.
  • A hand-sharpened double-bevel edge that will save you time for decades to come.
  • Cook the finest meals with a slender yet powerful touch & exceptional durability.
  • Handcrafted for over 100 hours to ensure it meets the razor-sharp distinction and caliber of Vie Belles.
  • Size: 7"

  • A glorious surface that will even prevent your food from getting stuck!

  • Crafted from the finest materials: oregon black walnut, maple and oak.
  • Coated with an oiled, food safe finish in order to ensure smooth cutting.
  • Slice, dice and cut fruits, vegetables or big juicy steaks with ease.
  • An architectural masterpiece - double-sided; functions as a knife holder
  • Size: 24 x 16 x 2.5"


    Default Title Everyday Cutting Board $490.00 USD
    Default Title Luxury Pro 7" Santoku Knife $990.00 USD
    Default Title Luxury Pro 8" Chef's Knife $990.00 USD


    Don't Take Our Word On How Powerful Our Knives Are...

    Take The Word Of Hundreds Of Chefs Getting Incredible Results

    Patricia C
    Loving this knife!

    It's been my go-to knife for the past six months. It's absolutely stunning, cutting with precision at every corner. I don't know how I lived without this to be honest, but I'm glad I bought this - despite the price, it's worth it.

    Kim U.
    Better Than Five Stars

    No hesitation five stars! Even six, if the ratings ran that high.
    I received my amazing Luxury Pro 8" Chef knife and stylish Cutting board a month ago. They are excellent. The knife is amazingly sharp and handles well, just love chopping, dicing and slicing with it. My Cutting Board looks like a piece of art on my kitchen counter.

    Hector Botello

    I don’t know much about kitchen knives but I bought this for the better half who runs a small catering business and I have to say she is absolutely delighted. The knife looks classy and came in an elegant knife box, just touching it made me feel it will last an age. Needless to say, it cut through like butter. Such a beautiful piece of kit. I am already thinking about buying another as a gift.

    Hazel Biller
    Luxury Chef Knife - pure art

    An incredible knife that simply looks and feels stunning. I barely know I'm using it - it really does act as an extension of who I am and who I want to become in the kitchen. Truly the best from you guys - thank you!

    Vincent Roche
    The best knife I'll ever own

    The knife surpassed all of my expectations. It was super sharp and sliced through everything from vegetables to chicken and meat like as if it was a hot knife through butter. The cover is definitely needed for something as sharp as this in the cutlery drawer.

    Willie Duke
    Incredible cutlery

    When I use your amazing knives it is a pleasure to cook. Each is perfectly balanced with a beautifully honed blade. They are a worthy investment.

    Hannah Hutchinson
    Best Santoku I've Seen

    I am quite specific about what type of knife I use. I looked at the blade, the handle, the sharpness, the length of the tang ext. When I saw this knife with the Cocobolo handle and full length tang I knew I had to buy it. Its price puts it in the luxury class for professional knives - I've checked and there aren't better ones out there. I just love the feel of good quality wood when I am using a knife. The blade is thin and sharp. The shape of the knife is modeled after the traditional Japanese santoku knives. I really enjoy cutting anything with this knife. The only problem with these types of knives is that they require extra care when using and washing them. Its not the type of knife you put in a dishwasher. Doing this will ruin the handle(the oils the wood has get washed off and it become coarse) and dulls the blade. HAND WASH ONLY. I do this with all my knives anyways so it wasn't any extra effort. Would really recommend this to any knives enthusiast that is looking for a new main knife for their kitchen.

    Patricia Bucy
    Best Santoku I've ever held

    This Santoku is something else. It has a razor sharp edge that I've been using for a while now, and it hasn't gone rusty or blunt like my other blades. Just in case, I've ordered the knife sharpener. You guys mention that it saves you time - it does. It really does. Now I can actually enjoy cooking without the urgency of orders coming through - thank you so much!

    Hector Botello
    Best knives ever

    I will definitely be purchasing additional knives from this company. The quality and customer service was excellent. I purchased a santoku knife for a gift and they arrived in time and were even expedited by them at no request from me. Great purchase experience!

    Jan Tucker
    Watch your fingers!

    Santoku translates to three virtues or three uses, e.g. slicing, dicing and mincing in this case. This knife performs splendidly in all cases, thank you so much. It took a while to get used to, but once you do the handling is so amazing - this knife has definitely saved me at least 30 minutes of prep work every single day compared to using a cheap blunt blade. The amount of craftsmanship gone into this knife is well worth the money, and I simply can't compare it to any other knife I've bought. Vie Belles knives are truly outstanding - they're also magnificently sharp!

    Willie Duke
    Very Impressed

    I got this for my dad as a Christmas gift. He collects knives, and doesn't mind cooking with them either. The packaging was lovely. He claims they are some of the sharpest knives he's ever worked with before, and was quite impressed.

    Stephanie Damato
    Fine craftsmanship

    This is the only cutting board I'll ever need. Bar none. Seriously - you guys have outdone yourselves here.

    Sherman Grant
    Sadly, nothing lasts forever

    But this board might… I'm really pleased with this cutting board as it's given me everything I've ever wanted - I even purchased two because it looks great in my kitchen and the functionality is beyond my wildest dreams (maybe it's not that good, but I think it is)!

    Jan Tucker
    I'm Not Generous - It's Just The Best

    As a retired chef I am partial to a good chopping board! This board is excellent, being of decent thickness and non slip on a marble top because of its great design. I use it for carving meat, chopping veg and cutting up fresh grapefruit - and this board is the best. In fact, I'll be buying another one soon, thank you!

    Kim U.
    Better Than Five Stars

    No hesitation five stars! Even six, if the ratings ran that high.
    I received my amazing Luxury Pro 8" Chef knife and stylish Cutting board a month ago. They are excellent. The knife is amazingly sharp and handles well, just love chopping, dicing and slicing with it. My Cutting Board looks like a piece of art on my kitchen counter.

    Delia Matthews
    Great Christmas Gift

    Bought as a Christmas gift but the cutting board looked really big and solid, which is what was wanted. If I needed a larger board than my current one I would get this for myself - it looks gorgeous and I'm pretty sure I'm making other people jealous just by having it!

    Hector Botello

    So far this chopping board has been fantastic. I'm a beginner and recently had to cook everything myself. This chopping board has just made my life easier, since I love having fresh vegetables for lunch or dinner.

    Charles Neff
    Ooh, this is good

    Great chopping board, good feel, and the perfect size for my kitchen. I know that this is a bit expensive, but it will save you endless hassle and is well worth the price!

    Leland Marguez
    Simply elegant

    I went with this cutting board as it's supposed to be stronger but still knife friendly (I have quality kitchen knives). Having previously had the usual wooden boards, of which the last one had split, I thought I'd try this one and the aesthetic appeal is beyond incredible. I'm impressed. It cleans easily and doesn't mark at all - I'd recommend trying it if you really want to upgrade not only your prep experience but also the overall appeal of your kitchen!

    Hannah Hutchinson
    How good?

    No… I didn't expect this. I saw the pictures, but this is incredible. Beyond what I expected. Just wow. Better than any board I've EVER used, bar NONE. If you're hesistant because of it's price, don't be - their support is fantastic and can help you with anything you need. Your knives won't get blunt with this board, as it's been designed by the best in the business. THANK YOU!

    James Kinney
    Just right for me!

    My previous chopping board was way too small for my ambitions, but this one is spacious, allowing you to chop meat, fillet a small/medium-sized fish, or simply cut and trim some veggies. It's easy to clean, doesn't damage your knife, and most importantly, for a high-quality chopping board, it's extremely durable!