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Knife Safety Tips

Knife Safety

Useful as it is, a knife can be a deadly weapon when misused. From the chef’s knife right through to the Santoku, we all aim to have the right knives for the proper purpose. But while knives can do a lot of things for us, the one thing they cannot do is guarantee our safety.

Essential Things You Should Know About Cutting Boards

Everyday Cutting Board

For a good reason, a cutting board is regarded as an indispensable tool for every kitchen. Cutting boards make cutting and the entire prepping process easier. Hence, it is essential that you know certain things about them. Here is some useful information that you need to know:

  • The bigger a cutting board is, the better the prepping task. Large cutting boards make the best kitchen companions. A big board gives you enough space to cut without other items getting in the way or your chopped food piling on top of each other. When you cut on a large cutting board, you do so without the distraction of any sort. Also, an extensive cutting board help ensures a more comfortable and safer cutting, especially if you are using a chef knife. This is because it gives you plenty of room to maneuver and move chopped items away.
  • It does not take much to maintain your cutting boards and make them last longer. If you are using a wooden or bamboo cutting board, then you must avoid leaving it to soak in water. Always make sure to wash wooden boards by hand and avoid putting them in the dishwasher, as doing so will warp and ruin them. Also, ensure to dry them immediately after washing. To prevent them from drying quickly, rub mineral oil on your wooden cutting boards from time to time.
  • The secret to enjoying your cutting board is keeping different boards for different cutting purposes. For chopping and dicing, you can use wood and bamboo cutting boards. However, if you are looking to cut raw meat, then a plastic cutting board will serve you well. Keeping different boards for different cutting tasks will help you to avoid cross-contamination. Plastic boards are recommended for preparing raw meat because they can be sanitized in the dishwasher.

Santoku Knife Vs. Chef Knife: The Difference

Santoku Knife Vs. Chef Knife: The Difference
Santoku knives and chef knives look so similar both in form and function that a lot of people wonder whether they are the same. Both knives are versatile and applicable for a variety of cutting tasks. In fact, they are so similar that the Santoku is considered as just the Japanese version of the Western-style chef knife. They are even interchangeable.